DeCruz Pulikottil

preacher. writer. thinker.

I’m a late-twenties Indian-American living in Seattle, Washington. 

The previous sentence is the simplest I’ll ever get about myself.  

Here’s where it gets complicated. 

Even though I’m Indian-American, I wasn’t born in India or America. I was actually born in North Africa, a region that has been featured regularly on the evening news over the last few years.

I’ll probably share more about that as I keep writing.

The following is a list of things that influence me deeply. I'll mostly write on these topics. 

1. I’m a Christian. Jesus Christ is Lord. I’d like to think that this influences and guides all areas of my life, but that would be a lie. I am that clichéd work in progress.

2. I’m Indian. By heritage, by descent, by birth, by language– whatever we want to call it. I identify heavily as an Indian.

3. More specifically, I’m Malayalee. Malayalees are a group of people from Kerala, India who are in practice united by the fact that they originated from the same geographical region and speak Malayalam. This is a source of great struggle for me as I constantly push back against Malayalee roots in some ways but then succumb to them in other ways (mostly food).

4. I’m American. I grew up on the West Coast. I went to Public School. I am a bona-fide secular, freedom loving citizen of these United States. I’ve traveled a bit in the last few years, and honestly.. I can’t see myself settling down anywhere else.

5. Somewhat importantly, I grew up Pentecostal. We’re talking old school Pentecostal. We’re talking, no jewelry, no going to the movies, no television in the house holiness Pentecostal. Tongues-is-the-initial-evidence-of-baptism-in-the-Holy-Spirit Pentecostal. I say I grew up Pentecostal because I’m not sure what I’d call myself today. 

I preach occasionally, usually when I visit a church in a different state, or when I'm asked to cover for a pastor who's out of town for the weekend. I write, sometimes as part of my day job, or as a favor for someone. You can use the contact page to get in touch for any speaking or writing requests. 

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